About Time I Did Something On This Site

I had a rare friendly visitor the other day. I wasn’t there but later he told me he was surprised at the lack of virtual furnishings in my web abode. I have no excuses apart from the usual mixture of lack of technical savvy, lethargy and prioritisation of other activities. But, Jonathan, thank you – at least you have spurred me into writing my first post in nearly a year!


Welcome to my website thing – please make yourself at home.


A Relaxed Moment in 2002


As will be apparent from the fact that you’ve chosen/happened upon philnice.com, this site is all about me – Phil Nice. At the moment I’m groping around in the dark, trying to make the whole shebang work and have some purpose. So please bear with me.

I am an actor – mainly in TV comedy – a rusty comedy writer, an improviser, occasional stand-up, sporadic musician and innovative pub quiz master.

Quizzing in action

I eat porridge every day and have only ever snogged the Queen twice.